Java Gym

Stretch your brain and learn about marketing your local business on the Internet at a Main Street Marketing Community Java Gym.

A Java Gym is a free, 60 minute informal meeting held by local experts (generally) at a coffee shop (putting the “Java” in Java Gym).  Each Java Gym focuses on one specific online marketing strategy that you can put to use for your business to generate traffic, leads and sales on the Internet.

Java Gyms provide a great opportunity for you to get answers to your Internet marketing questions in a relaxed, pitch-free environment by someone who does it every day. Attendees also benefit from networking with other local business owners who face the same frustrations and opportunities when it comes to attracting new business.

The experts who lead Java Gyms all meet the following requirements…

  • They are established experts with a proven track record on the Java Gym topics they present
  • They have experience working with small, local businesses and know exactly what it’s like to implement the strategies they’re sharing.
  • They’re experienced in giving presentations and sharing their knowledge with groups (It does you no good if the expert can’t effectively communicate and share their knowledge with you…we only want experts who can answer your questions clearly and in plain English…not techno-babble!)
  • They won’t pitch their own products or services during the Java Gym … solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited by MSMC at all Java Gym events.
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13 Responses to Java Gym

  1. Madhava Dasa says:

    Bob and Josh great service!

    You make your valuable expertise freely available in an easy relaxed format where you instantly answer internet marketing questions. To do our own research would take many boring online hours.

    And your jokes are funny too!

    Thanks again,
    Madhava Dasa

  2. Josh and Bob Sommers know more about internet marketing than anyone in Hawaii. Getting to hang out and ask them questions about internet marketing is like attending a $5,000 members-only financial seminar with Donald Trump and Robert (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) Kiyosaki). Only the Sommers meetings are free. BTW, if you know of anyone who knows more about internet marketing than Bob and Josh, please mail me the link at

  3. wendy howard says:

    I attended this meeting by video. I spent the evening putting together a Weebly website after watching their video. Then joined their meeting this morning. I have been through hiring website consultants, hiring marketing experts, paying for Google ads, and have essentially learned more in the past 24 hours then over the past 5 years. Bob and Josh are brilliant, willing to share their knowledge for free, and offer me an exceptional opportunity to continue my success from my home here on Maui. You both radiate knowledge, excitement, and incredible generosity. Mahalo and best of luck to you both on your endeavors. Please call me if you ever have a hand injury.

    Wendy Medeiros-Howard

  4. Wayne Axelson says:

    My first experience with the “Java Gym” was awesome. I was exposed to so much new and insightful material in the hour and a half, it will take me days to follow up on it all. Bob and Josh were a fountain of valuable information and it was very encouraging to meet like minded individuals, people focused on creativity and connectivity. I definitely plan on attending the next one and would recommend it to my like-minded friends.

  5. maria souza says:

    Java Gym is a treasure when you are the CEO and Janitor of your company, you know what I mean… when you do it all or at least try to understand a bit more of the services that you’ve been paying for. People like the Sommer’s go out their way to give you valuable information, it really works, but only if you do it and know about it, or at least pay Josh to do it for you. Today I attended the Article Marketing class and I’m amazed by how much they shared, and I got to meet more of the go getter business people of Maui.
    Thanks again, will see you in the next one.
    Maria Souza

  6. Mia Dadiz says:

    Hi, Bob! I have found you guys at the right time of my career. Going to your meetings have been informative and refreshing. To see everyone in the meeting that has the desire to learn more and discuss marketing in the internet fires me up for the next day of work. Since I have to continuelly think of the next move we’re going to make so we can sell more vehicles, going to your meetings have been helpful. I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge you share with the group and me.

  7. John C Brown says:

    I learned more about blogging and internet marketing from Bob and Josh in a short seminar than all other sources combined. It wasn’t just the technology that was informative it was the phychology and strategy that they passed on to the attendees that was invaluable. Don’t miss any chance to learn something from Bob and Josh they have information that will blow you away.

  8. david muckenhirn says:

    found yesterday’s talk valuable and learned alot. it opened a whole new world for me. i can now see lots of potential for blogging and will study Bob’s blogsites

  9. Alicia de Ramer says:

    I’m really so grateful to you and Josh for all the fab Internet Marketing information you’ve given me. You really HAVE taken away my fears and I feel a thousand times more capable of marketing my business on the Internet. Thanks!

  10. Wendi says:

    Once again you have provided a LOT of information I can use right away to help grow my business, and explained it in a way that those of us who are not tech experts can understand. Great job, and I look forward to learning about social bookmarking next Thursday!

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  12. This is a great concept! I just went to my first one of these and I found it to be very helpful. We were talking about SEO with Russ Henneberry. He did a great job and added a lot of value to this small group of businesses. Thanks for all of the information and tips that we learned.

    Kathy Sammons

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