Announcing The First Official MSMC WordPress Plugin!

Some exciting news from the Main Street Marketing Community to share with everyone!

MSMC co-founder and technical genius Josh Sommers created a WordPress plugin that has been officially accepted by WordPress and is now available on their site for download.

Josh originally created this plugin, the MSMC – Redirect After Comment, for our own purposes here at the Main Street Marketing Community. We were looking for ways to help build our list and get the word out about MSMC and Josh wrote this nifty little plugin that redirects people to our Tell-a-friend page after they leave a comment on our site (go ahead a leave a comment below to see how it works).

We could have just kept it for our own selfish purposes, but that’s not what we’re about here at MSMC so Josh submitted it to WordPress and, now that it’s been accepted, you can use it on your WordPress site(s)!

Once the plugin is installed you can redirect commenters to a predefined URL after they submit a comment on your site. Very cool!

To get more information and download it, follow this link to the Main Street Marketing Community plugin.