The Only Way to Find Truly Accurate Local Keyword Data

When it comes to finding local keyword data, there are a lot of ways you can go about finding the best ones for your business. But there is only one source you can turn to get accurate, reliable data about what local keywords people are typing into Google and how many (if any) are typing them in each month.

In this video, we reveal what that source is and share a real world example of how powerful getting this accurate data can be.


The Ninja Keyword Trick for Finding Local Keywords Your Prospects Are Typing Into Google (Even if Google Tells You They’re Not!)

You’ve done your local keyword research and found a keyword that would be awesome for your business.

Problem is, the Google Keyword Tool indicates that keyword gets zero search each month. Bummer? Maybe not.

Especially for relatively low traffic local keywords, the data you get from the keyword tool can be highly inaccurate.

This video shows you a simple, yet powerful, trick you can use to see if people are actually searching for that keyword or not.

How to Use the Google Keyword Tool To Find the Best Local Keywords

So where do you go digging to find the best local keywords for your business?

The place to start (and in some cases, perhaps the only place you need to go) is the Google Keyword Tool. It’s part of the Google AdWords program, but you don’t have to use AdWords to use this awesome tool…for free!

It will help you uncover the best local keywords that your customers are typing into Google to find the products and services you offer.

This video shows you how to make the most of this tool and some tricks to help you find keywords your competitors may be missing!

The 3 Key Uncovering the Golden Local Keywords for Your Business

I won’t make a big stink about it here. But if you’ve been following us at all, you know how important keyword research is to your local search engine marketing efforts.

But when doing your local keyword research, what should you be looking for?

What are the factors that make for the best keywords?

As you’ll see in this short video, there are 3 main factors to be looking for when researching keywords.

Two of them have to do with numbers, or the “science” of keyword research.

The third, and arguably most important, is all about the “art” of keyword research.

Watch the video to see what they are…

local keyword research

The First Step To Local Keyword Research

Before you start digging in to the keyword research tools and making a list of keywords for your business, there’s something you need to do first. This video shows you what it is…

The Most Accurate Local Keyword Tool on the Planet

One of my clients has a good size Google AdWords campaign for his business running in a few major cities. I don’t want to give away confidential information here, so for this example, let’s say one of the services he offers sword fighting classes in Miami.

In Adwords, you get an enormous amount of data about your campaign…more than most people know what to do with! One of the more interesting and helpful bits of data you can get is the exact search terms people have typed into Google that resulted in one or more of your ads being displayed.

The other day I was reviewing the list of search terms for this campaign and noticed there were a number of searches for “ninja sword fighting classes coral gables” and “ninja sword fighting classes coral gables fl” (FYI – Coral Gables is a suburb of Miami).

Go the a keyword research tool, like the free one from Google, and they’ll tell you that no one is typing the keyword+city combination, ninja sword fighting classes coral gables” into Google each month. However, because of the data available in our AdWords campaign we now know there are actually a few hundred searches per month centered around that keyword+city combination.

There is no other way that we could have discovered this information.

And it’s key information that’s going to have a very meaningful impact on this company. Because now that we know there’s a decent amount of traffic centered around “ninja sword fighting classes coral gables”, we’ve started to do some website optimization around that keyword to get his website ranked at the top of the organic search engine rankings.

Most of his competitors don’t have this information, which means there’s not much competition for “ninja sword fighting classes coral gables” so…getting to the top of Google and capturing the majority of traffic for that term should not be terribly difficult!

It doesn’t get much more important than keyword research when it comes to online marketing. Find the right keywords and you position yourself for success. Guess or do a bad job at keyword research and your search marketing efforts are pretty much doomed to failure.

While keyword research tools are great, they don’t give you the whole story.

Data from a Google AdWords campaign gives you more accurate keyword data which gives you a competitive advantage over those who don’t have that data (ie. most, if not all, of your competitors).

And for a local business, using that data to find a niche you can exploit to get 50, 100 or more visitors to your site each month can have a very meaningful impact on your bottom line.


Local Keyword Research – See Why Your Online Marketing Success Starts Here

Local keyword research.

It sounds boring.
It sounds technical.
It sounds like a lot of work.

But it is essential to a successful online marketing campaign for a local business. This video shows you a striking example of why it’s so important to take some time to do your keyword research.